Easy and Amazing Oatmeal Lace Cookies | Julie Blanner


Thin, chewy, oatmeal lace cookies are perfectly stackable and easy to gift. They're so addictive and have the best caramelized sugar texture!


  1. Posted by jaiceehergert, — Reply

    I haven't tried this recipe but in my family they are a Christmas favorite. They freeze great and make alot we call the evil cookies cuz you cant just eat one lol.

  2. Posted by aliciabarker455, — Reply

    I guess everybody has different tastes, this is a pin I’m going to delete. Im mad I wasted the ingredients 😖 I’m glad other ppl enjoyed them though.

  3. Posted by pookarah, — Reply

    So, you call for regular flour but call them gluten free, ditto the oats. Unless they're certified safe oats and people use definitely gluten free flour they could make someone really sick, especially if they don't realize that's a danger.

  4. Posted by katfinegan, — Reply

    Great cookie recipe! I did not have light brown sugar on hand so I used dark! They still came out soft on the inside and crispy on the outside!

  5. Posted by mandj0299, — Reply

    My cookies never hardened they remained gooey? Is there something I did wrong?

  6. Posted by ginaclabo44, — Reply

    loved these as a kid.. YUM

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